Month: January 2019

BEA Welcomes New Technical Partners and Cities

Over the next 2 years, we look forward to working with 6 new subnational jurisdictions: Belén, Costa Rica; Campeche, Mexico; Comayagua, Honduras; Msunduzi Municipality, South Africa; Nagpur, India; and Shanghai Changning District, China. We also welcome the expertise of new global organizational partners Alliance for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, and Buildings 2030. The BEA is actively recruiting new partners. Cities interested in joining the BEA can email us directly at for more information.

BEA Revamps Technical Assistance

Over the next two years, technical assistance provided to cities will be more localized and driven by cities. Flickr/Thor Edvardsen

In the next 2 years, technical assistance provided to cities will be more focused, localized and city-driven. The BEA is packaging expertise and solutions for cities in a set of step-by-step resources, group webinars and trainings based on regional priority actions. Limited direct support is also available. Apply today or email Debbie Weyl for more information.

City of Bogotá Leads National-Subnational Alignment

The partnership between the city of Bogotá and Colombia demonstrates national-subnational success. Flickr/Peter Chovanec

As countries around the world ramp up ambition toward global climate and development goals, Bogotá’s experience demonstrates why countries should look to cities for “ground-truthing.” Read on The CityFix or see an interview in Spanish with World GBC’s Cristina Gamboa on the city’s green building successes and the future for Colombian sustainable construction.