Tshwane has worked with the BEA at several depths of engagement since becoming a partner in 2016. The city is implementing a pilot program to retrofit existing buildings and constructing new buildings with improved energy, water and materials efficiency. Tshwane most recently attended workshops to shape its Green Retrofit guidelines and identified key stakeholders to review its policies.

Throughout its engagement, the local team in Tshwane, led by ICLEI Africa, achieved synergies between previously siloed buildings-related departments and buy-in with key city offices, including the offices of Spatial Planning, Buildings Control, Group Property Management and Group Finance (Office of the CFO) to understand the importance of building efficiency and green buildings. The BEA and key city departments have also engaged external stakeholders like the Property Development Forum through working alongside C40’s New Buildings Efficiency program.

Tshwane established an advisory group with representatives from many city departments and external stakeholders to improve collaboration. Now, a private company on the advisory group is assisting the city with a building performance audit for its BEA pilot project, and the health department is looking to build two new clinics as green buildings.

Dozens of local industry professionals have also been trained by BEA-led capacity building workshops and opportunities, to enable building efficiency bylaw implementation.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Sustainable procurement for green buildings (new and existing) and adoption and implementation of the green building bylaw

Pilot Program

  • Retrofitting and refurbishments of existing city-owned buildings and construction of new buildings in Tshwane for improved energy and materials efficiency

Lead Partners:

ICLEI Africa