Nagpur is working with the BEA to develop and implement building efficiency policy guidelines, including a technical building efficiency handbook for real estate developers and building designers.

In partnership with the BEA, ICLEI South Asia, and the India Smart City project, Nagpur conducted a benchmarking survey for 10 commercial and 10 public buildings in order to address data gaps and identify opportunities for energy efficiency investment. The BEA also supported preparation of guidelines required for energy efficient construction of future new affordable housing in the city. The city’s pilot program works to identify retrofitting opportunities in low income/affordable housing and public/private buildings. Through November 2019, Nagpur presented its energy efficiency improvement policies to national and city level stakeholders to generate interest and investment for its Smart City initiative.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:

Pilot Programs

  • Implementation of pilot programs for the city’s LEED strategy

Lead Partners:

ICLEI South Asia