Eskişehir partnered with the BEA in back-to-back deep engagements from 2016-2020. With a population of almost 850,000, the city is striving to expedite effective implementation of Türkiye’s national mandate for all commercial/residential buildings to have energy performance certificates.

In addition to its two deep dive engagements, Eskişehir received a BEA Leadership Grant in 2019 to support preparation for the transition from BEA-supported work on building energy efficiency to building decarbonization and the development of national relationships. The city is working on the establishment of a new Energy Management Unit and has completed energy benchmarking and auditing of public buildings to plan for retrofits. BEA partners in Eskişehir are coordinated by WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Design and implement a local above-code program to promote, incentivize and encourage building practices that go above the base National Building Energy Performance Regulation
  • Design and implement a retrofit program for municipal building via Energy Performance Contracting

Pilot Program

  • Adopt Class B and above energy performance certification program in the planned urban transformation project in Eskişehir. Design and implement a retrofit program for municipal buildings via Energy Performance Contracting.

Lead Partners:

WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities