Da Nang City, a BEA Deep Dive city from 2016-2018, has focused on climate resilience and greening its tourism industry. In 2017, Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) developed a new directive to strengthen compliance with the National Technical Regulation on Energy Efficient Buildings. Da Nang hosted the Sixth GEF Assembly in June of 2018.

Da Nang’s policy goal to enforce and institutionalize the implementation of Decree no. 08/CT-UBND. City leadership has engaged six local organizations and five city departments to train and influence the development plan for the updated building efficiency code. The city has also committed to retrofit the Phuong Dong (Orient) Hotel as part of its work with the BEA and has undergone an energy audit at the hotel including lighting, air conditioning, elevator and pumping, heating, glass systems and others.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Enforce and institutionalize the implementation of Decree no. 08/CT-UBND

Pilot Program

  • Implement energy efficiency solutions for a hotel demonstration project

Lead Partners:

100 Resilient Cities