In June 2018, Shanghai began its partnership with the BEA in the Changning District by establishing a framework for stakeholder engagement and a report on upscaling and promotion schemes, including a marginal abatement cost curve of Changning’s buildings sector.

Shanghai established the Low Carbon Management and Development Center tasked with coordinating building energy efficiency projects. The Center offers subsidies to new buildings if their greenhouse gas emissions are under 25kg/m2. As of 2019, 828,990 square meters have been renovated to Shanghai’s energy efficiency standards. The city aims to improve energy efficiency of at least 110,000 additional square meters and complete its annual benchmarking report. Additionally, the city has near-zero emissions projects at Hongqiao Guest House Number 9 and Neijiang Road #191.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Establish management mechanisms for building energy efficiency improvement including, but not limited to, incentive policies, energy efficiency benchmarking systems, technical support, capacity building activities to promote building renovation, and energy efficiency management. These mechanisms will lead to renovations of large buildings (not residential and industrial, and not to exceed one million square meters) to improve energy efficiency.

Pilot Program

  • Implement a full-process management model and renovate the Hongqiao Guest House No. 9 to achieve a near-zero carbon emission building and replicate to other buildings

Lead Partners:

ICLEI East Asia