Calí has been selected as one of four Deep Dive cities for the BEA’s Zero Carbon Building Accelerator (ZCBA) project. The Ministries of Housing and Environment are working closely with WRI and CCCS to reach Net Zero Carbon readiness by 2050.

With support from the World Green Building Council’s City Climate Action Program as well as local stakeholders, Calí developed recommendations for improving the water and energy efficiency of existing public school buildings based on the results of an energy audit. The city has also conducted training sessions on the policy and method of implementing Energy and Water Efficiency in new buildings and adopted the implementation protocol of Res 549 for commercial buildings in Calí.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Develop and adopt a local policy to comply with Calí’s Manual for Sustainable Construction by adopting an implementation protocol for Energy and Water Efficiency in New Buildings
  • Develop technical capacity in the public and private sectors for implementation of and compliance with the policy

Pilot Program

  • Design a pilot program for energy efficiency improvement in public school buildings based on a demonstration project’s assessment. Conduct energy and water audits on the demonstration building to assess performance and provide improvement recommendations. At the same time, identify public school buildings with the highest energy consumption and provide recommendations for the implementation of energy efficiency improvement actions.

Lead Partners:

Colombia Green Buildnig Council (CCCS)