Alba Iulia’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) includes measures to increase the energy efficiency of public buildings and to encourage a rational use of energy in homes and buildings in the tertiary sector.

Alba Iulia is working to reduce emissions, increase the quality of public utility services, and increase economic competitiveness through smart green initiatives like the SEAP. The administration aims to transform Alba Iulia into a true “green city” by allocating its resources intelligently and planning for the long term, safeguarding a competitive, sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Focus Areas:

Commitments to the Building Efficiency Accelerator:


  • Develop relationships with investors to align with local implementation in 2018 of the Alba Iulia Smart City Pilot Project

Pilot Program

  • Retrofit 2,147 apartments in 30 existing multi-apartment buildings, including improvements in insulation and heating systems and installation of renewable energy systems

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November 24, 2017

BEA City Progress