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BEA Leadership Grants Accelerate City Actions

11 leadership grants serving 17 BEA cities are providing small, targeted support with outsized impact. The first leadership grant, a policy option assessment for Comayagua, Honduras, was completed in spring 2018. Since then, we have launched leadership grants for:

  • Santa Rosa, Philippines to work on green building code development
  • Nakuru and Nairobi Countries, Kenya for policy and project assessment
  • Kochi, India to conduct energy benchmarking
  • A cohort of 4 municipalities in metropolitan San Jose, Costa Rica to conduct a BEA kick-off event and policy and project assessment
  • A cohort of 3 municipalities in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa for green building guideline scoping and development
  • The State of Sonora, Mexico to implement private-sector Buildings Challenge

BEA Leadership Grants are also supporting scoping for national engagement in Colombia and Turkey as part of the Zero Carbon Buildings for All project. This outcome-specific support helps cities address a specific barrier to their building efficiency work plans, resulting in accelerated city progress.